We offer a selection of highly qualified personal trainers who all have their own key areas of knowledge, ranging from creating effective and achievable weight loss programs to kettle bells and muscle building techniques. Whether you are looking to train for a specific event, tone up and lose weight or simply get a little advice on how to use the In-Shape kit, one of the team will be able to help you.

Inductions are offered free as part of your membership package, but personal training is available at an additional cost. Please speak to the individual trainers for their pricing and availability.

Kym Backshall

I started out as a professional dancer touring the world before moving into the fitness industry 12 years ago. Once completing my level 3 REPS accreditation and becoming an approved instructor I began teaching various classes across the Island, Including aerobics, body sculpt, spinning, legs, bums, and tums. I have worked with wide variety of clients, my key areas of knowledge include, exercise for the older generation and post natal recovery. I set easy to follow, personalised and encouraging workouts which have given great results to those I’ve worked with. Helping people achieve their goals in the reason I got into the fitness industry, working with me will be an enjoyable, goal orientated and educational experience. Please click here to visit my facebook page.

Nick Rudd

I come from a sports background which resulted in me becoming interested in fitness and gym based exercises as a way of improving my own sporting performance. Whilst doing a sports course at Portsmouth College I qualified as both a gym instructor and personal trainer. I enjoy a variety of training methods and am happy to help others with their training in any way I can. My aim is to make sure that everyone can enjoy training and feel better for doing it. I’m here to help you both set and achieve any goals that you may have. Be it strength, endurance or sport specific I will be happy to help. Also if you’d ever like to talk sport I’m always happy to do that as well.


Honour Ball

After years of being unmotivated, feeling sluggish and living a lifestyle that wouldn't see me to my 40s, I decided to join a gym and since then my life has turned around.

I found my drive and my focus. Soon after I qualified as a PT, a gym instructor, indoor and outdoor fitness instructor and kettlebell instructor. I also qualified to work with children (5-16yrs) and the older population (50+).

My main passion is helping people with their mental well-being, focusing on improving their physical health, to help with all round good well-being. All open and approachable for a chat.

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